Tube strike causes chaos

THE TUBE is expected to run a normal service today, according to Transport for London (TfL), after the strike by London Underground (LU) workers triggered intense disruption in London yesterday. However, more people than expected braved the strikes and came to work.

By 5pm last night TfL said it was already operating one-third of its trains throughout the network, but delays continued past 9pm, when strikers returned to work, as LU moved to get the trains on the right tracks. Commuters walked and cycled as a number of station closures, slower trains and increased buses gridlocked traffic on the capital’s roads.

“I stayed over in London last night at a huge cost to myself in order to miss the chaos. Then my taxi driver refused to take me to Canary Wharf due to the traffic, so I had to walk to my meeting in any case,” said Michael Derbyshire of Savills.

On Monday evening, LU workers, members of the RMT and Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) trade unions, launched the strike in a protest to plans by TfL to axe up to 800 staff.

More strikes could occur on 3 October, 2 November and 28 November if tensions continue.