Try a little boudoir chic to liven up your home

Steve Dinneen
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Florence chandelier
A black chandelier may sound like a prop from a vampire movie but this subtle example is a classy piece ‰ £1,625 ‰

Golden overmantle mirror
Add character to a room with this aged mirror, which features a mottled effect on the glass ‰ £375 ‰

Jonathan Charles black screen
For a splash of instant elegance, try incorporating this walnut-framed screen ‰ £1,866 ‰

Tiffany French display cabinet
This French-inspired piece of furniture will be as much of a talking point as the items you keep inside it ‰ £1,200 ‰

Lofty chaise longue
No boudoir is complete without a chaise longue – this gives it a modern twist and a distinctly retro feel ‰ €3,125 ‰

Silver glass stool
Sometimes it’s the little things that count – and this small stool will lend style to any room ‰ £175 ‰