Triesman: FA failing to rule

Former chairman strongly critical of governing body and reignites row with Premier League

LORD TRIESMAN, the former chairman of the Football Association, has launched scathing attacks on the governing body and the Premier League.

Speaking about the FA for the first time since his departure in May, Triesman accused the organisation of failing to exercise authority in anything other than the odd yellow card or suspension.

In an appearance before MPs at a culture, media and sport select committee investigation into the state of the English game, he said the FA’s governance was “thoroughly unsatisfactory”.

Triesman added: “Apart from on-field discipline, [the FA] has backed out of regulating.”

He also reignited a row with the Premier League, and its chairman Sir Dave Richards, by accusing him of adopting an aggressive approach in order to block the FA’s attempts at submitting a blueprint for change to the then culture secretary Andy Burnham.

“My experience is he will put his point politely in board meetings but discussions outside are extremely aggressive discussions, really aggressive discussions, points are made in a very colourful way,” he said. “I wouldn’t use that language.”

Triesman said the FA’s blueprint was scrapped after discussions that lasted “a maximum of two minutes”.

He also claimed that the Premier League, which has five representatives on the 12-man FA board, used its financial muscle to influence the seven members from the amateur game.