Trick your body into dropping a dress size

Laura Williams

IF you’re having trouble shedding those winter pounds, try these tips for getting the ball (and the fat) rolling.

Get scribbling
Carry a notebook with you for a week and write down every morsel that passes your lips – studies show that you wind up eating 15 per cent less if you write down what you eat.

Go low cal content/high cal taste
Every day, treat yourself to something luxurious that tastes more sinful than it actually is: a tablespoon of whipped cream over fruit salad, a stack of king prawns, or splash out on some lobster. Its high protein content helps with the building and repairing of the body's tissues, while Omega 3 Fatty Acid helps with everything from lowering blood pressure to boosting brain health.

Rediscover your thin friends
Harsh but true: researchers from Arizona State University discovered that the fatter a woman's social circle, the more likely she was to be obese herself. It’s thought that friendships based on eating are more likely to end in obesity. The solution? Lose the curry dinners and hit the salsa with your pals.

Stack up those steps
Treat yourself to a half decent pedometer and watch that morning muffin walk itself off. A Stanford University study found that pedometer users increased their physical activity by about 27 percent with all participants dropping a few pounds. Regular pedometer use saw their blood pressure drop too.

Sort snacking with a spray
FULLfast is a new appetite control spray that contains 5-HTP, an amino acid which helps with both mood swings and hunger pangs. An efficacy study relating to FULLfast published in the International Journal of Obesity in September 2009 found that the spray improved the success of a low-calorie diet by reducing hunger cravings. Available from and all branches of Harvey Nichols.