Tributes pour in for Thatcher

Boris Johnson Mayor of London

“She stood for upending elites and allowing people to make progress in their lives and invading the stuffy cosy cartels, very often male dominated, that ran Britain. I think it right we should do proper honour, remember properly a Prime Minister who served for a record length of time and who was faced with huge challenges and surmounted every single one of them.”

Lord Lawson Former chancellor

“She saved the nation from economic decline of an appalling nature which is difficult to recall now all these years afterwards. What she achieved – in the teeth of Labour opposition – was enormous. The most important thing was the transformation of the British economy and the transformation of the mood of the British people.”

Baroness Bottomley Former minister

“She did carve out the way for women. There were 23 women when I went into the House of Commons. We never thought we would have a woman Prime Minister and she was just remarkable. I always think she invented political power dressing. Whenever you saw her she was impressive, formidable, remarkable. I was always daunted by her, intimidated.”

Simon Weston Falklands veteran

“I felt honoured and privileged to have been there. It was great that the services had an involvement, particularly because we had such a big role in her career. She was always really good with the guys. The Falklands will always be one of the biggest parts of her legacy. I’m remembering my leader, at a time when we needed decisive and strong leadership.”

Brian Mulroney Former Canadian PM

“She made a singular contribution to the UK and the world. Great leaders provoke great change and with great change there is a lot of reaction. We think our countries don’t have to change but they do. She revolutionised her country. She revolutionised the UK and in the process irritated a lot of people and some of them are still here but her good works live on.”

David Davis Conservative MP

“It was a magnificent service. It was beautiful. The music was beautiful. The sermon was unbelievably good, it caught the right tenor of it, it dealt with a controversial subject with dignity and it was funny. I wasn’t sure if we were going to have a demo or complete apathy, but there were more people out there on the street than there are in the Conservative Party.”