Triathlon training reaches the half-way marker

WITH the London leg of this year’s Dextro Energy ITU triathlon just weeks away, the Laureus / City AM team already have some significant training under their belts.

Following one of their training sessions with double Olympic gold-winning decathlete Daley Thompson, one member of the team offered us her thoughts on the experience and what taking part has meant to her.

Penny Asher, who works in the city for Duke Corporate Education, a global learning and development company, is no stranger to the challenges of endurance sport, but the ITU triathlon, she feels, has given her a totally unique experience. She said: “Whether it’s at work or my free time, I’m always determined to overcome the challenges I’m faced with.

“I’ve run things like half-marathons, and even a triathlon, in the past, but preparations for the ITU triathlon have been a real step-up in terms of intensity.”

Much of this, she says, is due to her having trained with Olympic hero Daley Thompson in the run-up to this August’s London Dextro Energy ITU Triathlon.

“Training with Daley has really shown us what it takes to move up from being good to great,” she said. “And being able to see into the intense mindset of a sportsperson really shows what you need to be thinking to get up to that next level.”

Penny also expressed how happy she was to be running for the team in support of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. She said: “I have worked around the world in countries ranging from South Africa to Mexico to Colombia; countries where every piece of grass available is used by children to play sport. The way this can bring children from different cultures together has truly shown me what good sport can do for societies.”

Though she has been witness first-hand to how sport can benefit society, she is also keen to say how much it has helped her life as well. For Penny, sport offers her a place where the only thing that matters is herself and her goals, which is why, she says, this opportunity to race in the ITU triathlon was so attractive.

Penny said: “Unlike my work life, this challenge is completely in my control. Here I can really push myself to the limit.”

Penny was first encouraged to run for charity following the devastating experience of losing her mother to cancer. Now she is passionate about encouraging others to engage in charitable efforts too.

She said: “I was concerned I wasn’t doing enough for others, and I thought this race would be a step in the right direction. I know time is a precious thing, but excuses are easy. Why not let’s use our precious time for the better and add something back?”


The 25 members of the Laureus / City A.M. team will receive:
• A training day with Daley Thompson

• Training schedule put together by Daley Thompson

• Laureus branded T-shirt

• Laureus branded triathlon suit

• Opportunity to meet Laureus sporting legends at the event

• Team dinner with Laureus legends

• Competitors are asked to raise a target sum

City A.M. readers interested in taking part should email:

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please visit: