Extreme dining, Belgian style
Join the trend for “extreme dining” with a meal at a table suspended 50 metres above the ground. The Brussels version of Dinner in the Sky is running throughout June, giving 22 diners at a time the chance to enjoy gourmet food and champagne while suspended near sites such as the Royal Palace, the famed Atomium or the Cambre forest. Diners are carefully strapped into seats similar to those on a rollercoaster and hoisted by crane to the dining altitude, which depends on wind and other weather conditions.

The app to take the pain out of holiday planning
A new holiday app promises to take the pain out of planning your trip abroad. The free Travelex Trip Planner app will work out what you need to book, order or take in your luggage depending where you decide to visit. As well as advising on whether you should bother packing an umbrella or a case of sun-block, require a visa or need vaccinations for your selected destination, the app will also give information on exchange rates. It will even let you create a list of things you need to remember to pack to help prevent last-minute panick at the airport. The Travelex app is currently available on the Apple App store.

Relax in sunny luxury in Florence
Escape form the British summer to Florence’s luxury Hotel Brunelleschi, which has just earned a place on the Great Hotels of the World list. Located in the centre of Florence's historic district and overlooking Brunelleschi's Cathedral, Hotel Brunelleschi claims to be the perfect place from which to explore the city’s culture and history. It boasts rooms overlooking the picturesque Piazzetta del Gigliosquare square and has two restaurants serving traditional Italian cuisine. For more information and to book visit