TransAsia to use Rolls for engine work

Marion Dakers
ENGINEERING firm Rolls-Royce yesterday announced a $150m (£93.2m) deal to service the planes of Taiwanese airline TransAsia.

The contract to maintain engines on two Airbus A330 aircraft is the first time Rolls has worked for the carrier.

Phil Harris of Rolls Royce said: “TransAsia Airways is well placed to benefit from growth in the Taiwanese aviation market. We are delighted the airline will be joining our family of Trent operators, selecting market-leading Trent 700 technology and support.”

Rolls now services more than 500 airlines. The company is currently pursuing German engine-maker Tognum, in a joint bid with Daimler, in an attempt to beef up its marine engines division.

The offer period for its €3.4bn (£2.96bn) bid ends on 1 June.