&9679; Researchers Paola Sapienza, Luigi Zingales and Dario Maestripieri found that female MBA students with higher testosterone levels are more likely to feel comfortable taking financial chances and to choose risky careers like investment banking or trading.<br /><br />&9679; But Swedish researchers found earlier this year that women given testosterone for a month were no more likely than women not receiving the hormone to engage in risky financial decisions.<br /><br />&9679; Cambridge University scientists discovered that the length of a financial trader&rsquo;s ring finger &ndash; a reliable measure of prenatal exposure to testosterone &ndash; has a direct correlation to financial successes.<br /><br />&9679; Another study researched gender, overconfidence and stock investment. The researchers found that men trade 45 per cent more and that over-trading reduces men&rsquo;s net returns by 2.65 percentage points a year compared to 1.72 percentage points for women.