Tourism to the UK increasing despite terrible spring weather

Tim Wallace
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OVERSEAS visitors flocked to Britain in increasing numbers in February, official figures showed yesterday, despite the late arrival of spring.

The three months from December to February saw an eight per cent rise in visitor numbers compared to the same period a year earlier. And those 6.6m visitors are spending increasing amounts – earnings from those visits increased by 12 per cent on the year, hitting £3.77bn.

Just over 2m Europeans visited Britain in February alone, up 13.3 per cent on the year. North American visitors came in at 301,000 in the single month, up six per cent on the year. And visitors from other countries hit 415,000, up almost five per cent.

Meanwhile Britons made 9.7m visits abroad, unchanged on the year. Spending overseas remained steady at £5.52bn, reducing the UK’s trade deficit in tourist spending terms.