Tough demands put on next lot of Zuckerbergs


BOOK’S recently opened London base is the type of relaxed environment the average undergraduate must dream of entering the workforce in – skateboards strewn across the floor, boardgames stacked on top of each other, and oddly-shaped sofas rather than stiff office chairs.

However, ambitious students fantasising about being the next Mark Zuckerberg will have to meet an unusually strict list of requirements even to apply for an internship at the social networking company.

An advert placed on Facebook yesterday inviting applications from business students for a 12 week sales internship at its Covent Garden hub asks budding Facebookers for “two to four years of work experience, preferably in strategy consulting, sales operations or business development” and for “superior PowerPoint and Excel modelling skills”.

The application process for the job – made through Facebook’s website – certainly differs from the Harvard University alcohol-fuelled hacking marathons Zuckerberg is rumoured to have used to recruit some of Facebook’s first interns.

It appears that the successful applicant will be richly rewarded, however. According to one recruitment website, Facebook interns in the US are paid on average $5,602 (£3,550) a month, which equates to a salary of a whopping $67,000.