Tottenham target Newham in judicial review and mull second legal challenge

TOTTENHAM have confirmed they are seeking a judicial review of Newham’s role in helping West Ham win the battle for the Olympic Stadium, as City A.M. revealed first last month.

And it is understood the club is still considering launching a separate claim again legacy chiefs the OPLC, who chose the Hammers over Spurs as preferred post-2012 tenants.

Tottenham are querying the process Newham undertook in agreeing to underwrite a controversial £40m loan from the Treasury towards West Ham’s £90m relocation costs.

The club wrote to the London borough asking for an explanation but have been dissatisfied by its response, and have accordingly stepped up legal action by asking the High Court for permission to bring a claim.

City A.M. revealed on 31 March (right) that Newham’s role was key to Tottenham’s plans to mount a formal challenge, after Spurs first let on it was exploring the possibility of judicial review.

Leading sports lawyers said last night that targeting Newham rather than the OPLC might prove more fruitful for Spurs.

“I think they have a better case against Newham,” Robert Campbell, head of litigation at Faegre and Benson, told City A.M. “First, as they’re a public body, and secondly because Spurs are questioning the process.”