Tottenham fans hospitalised by knife-wielding Lazio Ultras

A TOTTENHAM supporter was recovering in hospital last night in Rome after being seriously injured, with several others hurt, in an attack by Italian Ultras yesterday before the Europa League match against Lazio.

Spurs fans were drinking in the Drunken Ship in Campo de Fiori at 1am on Thursday morning when the pub was descended upon by the hoard of up to 50 Lazio supporters, who locals reported were wearing motorcycle helmets with their faces covered by scarves and brandishing knuckle-dusters, broken bottles and baseball bats.

The Spurs fan was stabbed in the clash and is believed to have suffered serious artery damage. A total of nine English supporters are thought to have suffered injuries, with two others also admitted to hospital in the Italian capital.

A spokesman for the Rome mayor’s office said the attack was “obviously organised”, while Italian newspapers described the brawl as “urban warfare”.

Bad blood between the two sides continued last night, when Lazio fans chanted racist abuse at some Tottenham players during the 0-0 draw. It followed similar scenes when the teams met at White Hart Lane in September.

Travelling English supporters have a troubling history of suffering similar attacks in the Italian capital. The most recent occurred in 2009 when a Manchester United fan was stabbed in the leg ahead of the Champions League final.