Tories support bribery bill

PROPOSED amendments by the Conservative Party to the UK’s bribery bill have been withdrawn as Parliament prepares to pass new anti-corruption laws making it harder for UK businesses to get away with mis-conduct.

Instead, the Tories have said they will fully support the bill when it comes before Parliament.

A statement from the Tory office said that any amendments to the bill – there were said to have been 20 – have now been withdrawn.

A spokesperson said: “Conservatives believe that combating bribery and corruption is at the heart of responsible business practice.”

Shadow business minister Jonathan Djanogly has taken a front role on pushing amendments to the bill but has said that he fully supports and favours the new proposed legislation.

The message comes as the Confederation of Business Industry (CBI) has also lobbied for a handful of amendments to be made to the bill, specifically concerning bribery and foreign nationals.

Should the bill be passed this week, it will mark the biggest change to bribery laws the country has seen this century.