Top gadgets to take on your holidays

Travelling can be far easier if you have the right technology in your suitcase
STOCK up on these essential gadgets to avoid the holiday pitfalls of dead batteries, communications black-spots and gigantic roaming charges.
1. Loewe Speaker 2Go
This brilliant portable speaker will connect wirelessly with your phone, giving you top quality sound on the road.
2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
A high resolution e-ink reader that looks so much like real paper it is uncanny. The best reader out there.
3. Powermonkey eXtreme
The ultimate portable charger. This solar powered, high capacity battery is also waterproof.
4. HipKey
This funky little device syncs with your iPhone and will set off an alarm if you forget it – or someone tries to steal it.
5. Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo is still the daddy of the portable gaming world. Take Mario and Zelda to the beach with you.
6. GlobalGig portable wi-fi hotspot
£21/month for 1GB of data;
Stay connected on the road with this portable wi-fi hotspot, which can connect up to five devices.
7. iPad Mini
The iPad Mini is a modern design classic. The best portable tablet on the market by a mile. Simple as that.
8. Leica D-Lux 6
This incredibly stylish camera will take great pictures and make you stand out – and it’s cheap for a Leica.
9. Beats Executive
Drown out screaming kids on your flight with these awesome headphones.