SHARES in Legal &amp; General fell by more than 5 per cent on Friday after National Australia Bank moved to dampen talk of a takeover bid. The firm&rsquo;s share price had risen to highs of the year of more than 95p before the fall. Will&nbsp; the price drop lower? has a rolling spread of 82.8p-83.2p.<br /><br />Enterprise Inns had a tough week last week, falling from 143p on Tuesday to lows of 121.5p on Friday after being forced to state that it was able to refinance its debt without a rights issue. <br /><br />Despite highlighting that pub closures are still slowing down, the firm is still facing troubles and is way off its year highs of more than 190p. Spreadex has a December spread of 122.1p-123.5p.<br /><br />British Airways shares have been flying sky high recently as investors expect the firm to return to profitability as the global economy recovers.&nbsp; <br /><br />There's been a fair bit of profit taking in the shares recently since the outlook for the global economy has proved to be not as rosy as previously predicted, so Tuesday's interim numbers should give investors a better idea of what the future holds. Capital Spreads quotes a price of 217.0-217.5.<br /><br />With M&amp;A activity starting all over the place, some old rumours are resurfacing. <br /><br />One such is Pepsico&rsquo;s bid for British drinks manufacturer Britvic, which could be on the cards again, at least according to market rumours. <br /><br />ETX Capital has a target price for Britvic of 348.3-349.9.