A LOT of bullish confidence is riding on the expectation that the UK will exit recession in the third quarter and so investors will be keenly interested in the final second quarter GDP figures for the UK, which are released tomorrow. <br /><br />Cable (sterling-dollar) could move on the back of any surprises and the pair has recently tumbled towards multi-week support at around 1.6000. Should the GDP figure make for disappointing reading, sterling could head lower and if the support levels are taken out, then the falls could continue. Capital Spreads is offering a price of $1.6075-$1.6078. <br /><br />With Britons preferring to stay in and save their pennies rather than heading out in the evenings, nightclub operator Luminar has been hit badly. It warned last Friday that it may not meet full-year expectations due to worsening trading conditions with weekend admissions in September falling below its board&rsquo;s expectations. Although much will depend on how it performs over the important Christmas period, selling now might be a wise idea. <br /><br />IG Index has a spread of 86.5p-87.0p.<br /><br />And it&rsquo;s not just nightclubs that have been doing badly, bookmaker Ladbrokes has also been feeling the heat in the past couple of weeks due to an amazing run by favourites in the Premier League. Before this weekend, the last 15 favourites in a row had come in, meaning heavy losses for the leading bookies. But spread betters expect the firm get its book in order and start heading back towards the highs of 249.75p experienced in May. <br /> has a rolling spread of 192.6p-193.5p.<br /><br />The takeover threat surrounding travel operator Thomas Cook appeared to be resolved on Friday with the news of a placing to raise around &pound;900m. The company added that this would mean Michael Beckett replacing Karl-Gerhard Eick as chairman. A company announcement is also scheduled for Wednesday and is expected to show that the firm is trading in line with expectations despite the downturn. These two factors should give spread betters some confidence in the stock. Spreadex has a December-based spread of 241p-242.8p.