MARKET liquidity is really thin this week and next due to the Christmas holidays, which means that you need to be aware of pockets of volatility. During this time of year you need to stick to the larger FTSE 100 equities that benefit from strong liquidity. Keep nice tight spreads or range trade the FTSE 100 future between 5,150 and 5,250, says Worldspreads.

US and UK GDP numbers are expected to be revised upwards when they are released tomorrow. This could support mining stocks, which will benefit from a pick up in growth in the developed economies, and which have enjoyed a fantastic run higher since March. Kazakhmys, a Kazakhstan mining company that is listed in the UK, has been one of the picks of the bunch rising nearly 400 per cent this year. Capital Spreads has a price of 1,258.3-1,260.7.

Set-top box maker Pace Micro Technologies (Pace) is looking like a good buy. The company, which makes boxes for the digital TV market, is debt-free and has recently expanded its operations. Pace is well placed to exploit the football mania that will grip the world next year with the 2010 world cup finals in South Africa. IG Markets’ price is 196.9–197.

Supermarkets are likely to do well this year as recession-weary consumers treat themselves this festive season after what has been a tough 2009. The higher end supermarkets, such as Sainsbury’s, should benefit the most. IG Markets has a price of 319.1 – 319.3.