GOOGLE has been under some pressure recently from two other US powerhouses in the shape of Facebook and Apple. Facebook is becoming ever more competitive in the advertising sector, while Apple is still leading the way with its tablet and phone devices. However, the launch of its new social media venture, Google Plus, will be at the forefront of investors’ minds when Google reports quarterly earnings on Thursday. Capital CFDs quotes 513.59-516.14.

Gold has been strong over the last week on the back of a falling dollar. Normally, given the return of risk-appetite we have seen since the lows in the markets a week ago, you would expect gold to suffer. But general strength in commodities, together with the tumbling dollar has helped it higher. Spread Co offers a spread on spot gold of $1,666.1-$1,666.5.

Telco giant AT&T has been struggling to regain ground lost since the early summer after news that its planned acquisition of the US division of T-Mobile had been given a less than welcome reception from regulators. However, Deutsche Telecom – who is trying to sell the unit – is once again stressing that success here shouldn’t be seen as unobtainable. Current IG Markets price on AT&T is $28.87-$28.88.