CFD traders were selling shares in Next as they approached £23.50, a line which has held its advances several times over the last 17 months. Next updates the market with interims on Thursday, where good catalogue and online sales are expected to offset a 1.7 per cent fall in store sales. Spread Co offers a spread on Next of £23.342 -£23.398

There’s no end in sight to the worrying over the health of the Eurozone and French banks have been feeling the heat. Moody’s put them on ratings review back in June so with a 90-day deadline looming, the risk is that we could see a downgrade this week. Price falls have been seen across the board, but of course any reprieve could leave them looking undervalued. IG Markets current price on Credit Agricole is €4.892-€4.895

Kesa Electricals owns electrical retailer Comet and is one of the major high street chains that has found the recent slowdown in economic activity really affecting revenues.

Investors will be hoping that Thursday’s trading statement will be enough to stop a further decline in its share price which has dipped below the £1 mark for the first time since 2009. Capital CFDs quotes 88.6p-89.1p for Kesa’s share price.

As speculation over a possible Greek default intensifies, so does the flight to safety, and the yield on 10-year US Treasuries is trading at a record low. Traders have also been buying into them on the back of expectation that US retail sales will show a slow down for the month of August. Capital CFDs quotes US 10-year December at 130.93– 130.97.