WITH another ash cloud looming, attention will inevitably turn to the airline sector that saw such high levels of disruption back in April 2010, when major airlines saw their profits take a battering on the back of long periods of aircraft down-time and general flight disruption. Admittedly, authorities know what they’re dealing with this time, and the blanket shut-down of airspace that we saw last year seems somewhat less likely. But the prospect of some disruption cannot be overlooked altogether. IG Markets is currently offering a price on Deutsche Lufthansa of €14.97-€14.99

Shares in ICAP, the world’s largest inter-dealer money broker, have been falling quite steeply since the beginning of the month, from nearly 530p to as low as 466p. Good figures were reported last week that saw full year earnings jump 61 per cent – attributed to market volatility created by the Middle East political situation. The big news was that electronic trading in CDS had hit the $300bn mark, which is quite significant and shows where the trend may be heading. At these levels, some investors may see this as an attractive buy. Capital Spreads quotes 473.5p-474.3p

Aveva Group has more or less traded sideways for the last 6 months, but has created a nice little range that CFD traders can play – buying between 1,500-1,550p and selling between 1,630-1,650p. Aveva releases earnings on Wednesday, so look to play the edges of this range again unless a major event is revealed in the details. Spread Co offers a spread on Aveva Group of 1,588.8p-1,593.2p

Burberry is set to report this Thursday and expectations for the group are good. It has seen a sharp increase in share price since mid-April – from around 1,130p to touching over 1,340p. The global luxury goods market is recovering much faster than we expected and it is largely down to big demand and growth from China and Russia. With this set to continue, it could prove very beneficial for household names such as Burberry. Capital Spreads quotes 1,329.3p-1,334.7p