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THE Falklands rollercoaster continues. The latest twist is that Falklands Oil and Gas (FOGL) is to take over operatorship from partner BHP Billiton. This means FOGL maintains control over its exploration programme, but has the benefits of BHP sharing the costs of drilling and depositing funds in an escrow account. Investors may be tempted at current levels, as the share price has been at over 250p in the past. Capital CFDs quotes 84.8p-85.9p for Falklands Oil and Gas.

From January 2011, investors have been able to take a position on how many days they believe the euro will survive in its current guise. With Portugal looking increasingly likely to be taking European Union bailout money, the WorldSpreads Eurozone break up bet is currently trading at 690-700 days.

Specialist distribution group Bunzl will update the market on Wednesday. Bunzl shares have had a busy week, being relegated to the FTSE 250 on Monday and announcing two new acquisitions in the UK and Australia. The shares have been between 700p and 780p for the last twelve months and now sit in the middle of the 100 day moving average. Look to play the edges of this range. Spread Co offers a spread on Bunzl of 742.4p-744.5p.