IN JUST under two years the fashion designer Ted Baker has seen its share price more than double. It has also surpassed its 642p high of 2007 to reach a record 673p in December 2010. Since the firm was floated in 1997, earnings have grown by 10 per cent each year, which is always a promising sign for any company. With these projections, a strong balance sheet, and plans for greater international expansion, Ted Baker may prove to have good potential over the medium term. Capital CFDs quotes 654.6p–675.4p.

Arm Holdings, the Cambridge-based company that designs chips for smartphones and tablets including Apples iPhone and iPad, reports today. The company is expected to reveal full-year pre-tax profits of about £160m compared to £96m a year ago. The shares are currently sitting on some support at around 515p, but the price could soon resume its uptrend towards the 550p high. Spread Co offers a spread on Arm Holdings of 514.1p–515.4p.

The markets reaction to the Egypt situation on Monday was less dramatic than some feared, with most markets retracing Friday’s movements. Crude oil though continues to rally as the protests continued to top the news agenda. US Crude added a further 2 per cent on top of the 4 per cent it gained on Friday to hit $91.30 as the dollar fell across the board. With this sort of momentum it might be foolish to sell short until we reach the $93 area or we get clearer signs of the rally topping out. Spread Co offers a spread on March US Crude of $91.26-$91.30.

Lloyds Banking Group showed signs that it’s still in favour with investors despite having lost as much as 10 per cent in the last couple of weeks. Its share price benefitted from news that Greece will be allowed more time to pay back its EU bailout and yesterday’s bounce coincided with the share price having hit its upward trend line. Further gains could be around the corner. Capital CFDs quotes 63.3p-63.6p for Lloyds.