INDUSTRIAL giant General Electric reports its fourth quarter earnings on Friday. The company is often seen as something of a barometer for the global economy as a whole but the share price still remains somewhat depressed from the highs of 2007.

Demand from emerging economies will continue to lend support to sectors such as its aviation business, however, while a renewed appetite for lending should cheer its lending division. It may not be out of the woods just yet, but the longer term prospects probably aren't to be sniffed at. IG Index currently offers a price of $18.80-$18.84.

The tech giant Apple is due to report its quarterly earnings tomorrow. While it is traditionally pessimistic when guiding its earnings, the firm has beaten Wall Street estimates in all of the past four quarters. The stock closed at a record high on Friday of $348.48, with investors also appearing to have high expectations for their latest results. With tomorrow’s results in mind, there still could be further upside to the share price. Traders would be wise to be careful, however, given the potential fall out of Steve Jobs’ decision to leave the firm temporarily on medical grounds. The charismatic chief executive brought Apple back from near bankruptcy, and fears about his health may unsettle some investors when markets reopen in New York tomorrow. Capital CFDs quotes a price of $348.02-$348.08.

The bookmaker William Hill is due to update the market with a trading statement on Wednesday and spread betters were selling the stock ahead of the report. A spate of cancellations in racing will have taken its toll, especially with the loss of so many big fixtures over the Christmas period. 172p is a good resistance area and eyes are on a break of the 90 day exponential moving average at 167p if the update disappoints. Spread Co offers a spread on William Hill of 170.1p–170.4p