FOR the last month and a half the euro has strengthened against the dollar, topping out at $1.4156. It might now be due to have a retracement before mounting another charge higher. WorldSpreads offer a zero spread for platinum holders on euro-dollar.

The dollar has been dropping against the yen over the past few weeks. In spite of a slight up tick on Friday ahead of the weekend’s G20 meeting, the trend is strong and shows no sign of stopping with resistance remaining at ¥81.37. Cantor Index is offering a daily spread of ¥81.23-¥81.25 on dollar-yen.

The microprocessor play ARM Holdings has struggled after what had been a phenomenal year. Its share price has almost doubled since January but profit-taking in the sector has ended up weighing down on the price. The 400p level could provide some resistance unless the market likes what it hears in Tuesday's interims. The current IG Index price is 381.6p-382.7p.

With strong first quarter numbers from BSkyB, it looks like demand for Pace Micro, the set-top box manufacturer, is likely to remain solid for the near future. Along with low debt levels, a solid return on equity and a number of broker upgrades, the skies could be blue for Pace. ETX Capital is quoting Pace Micro at 199.00p-199.9p for the rolling daily contract.