Vodafone's share price has performed really well in the last couple of weeks. Investors are pleased to see the management making all the right noises and implementing radical organisational changes. Confidence has pushed the share price to an impressive 26-month high. Bulls will be hoping for a move upwards to 170p and beyond. Capital Spreads quotes a price of 159.7p-160.1p.

Emerging market specialist Ashmore Group has also had an exceptionally good few months and the investment firm’s share price has risen steadily. July’s trading statement showed that assets had increased by 7 per cent, so analysts are expecting tomorrow’s performance figures to be strong. It would not be surprising to see investors take money off the table and book profits, but in the long run the outlook is more optimistic. Cantor Index offers a December spread on Ashmore Group of 312.7p-315.9p.

Import data published on Friday shows domestic demand in China is firming up, which will have a knock-on effect on commodity-linked currencies. On Friday the dollar-yen was at ¥84.21 and the trend has continued upward with the yen beginning to lose value against the dollar. If economic data continues to show growth in demand, then this trend is likely to continue. Cantor Index offers dollar-yen at ¥84.17-¥84.19.