TimeLine | The proposed UK orange and T-mobile merger

September 2010
Likely date of actual merger.

June 2010
The two companies hoped to conclude a tie-up.

1 March 2010
Revised European Commission review deadline.

15 February 2010
Original European Commission review deadline.

3 February 2010
OFT requests UK review of merger.

14 January 2010
OFT commenced consultation on whether to review the UK aspects of the joint venture.

12 January 2010
Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom lodge UK merger plans with European Commission.

10 November 2009
Merger gets preliminary approval in UK and Europe.

6 November 2009
The two firms sign the final agreement to combine their UK operations.

8 September 2009
T-Mobile picks a rival bid from Orange for the merger.

6 September 2009
Vodafone and O2 both tabled bids of about £3.5bn.

4 September 2009
Vodafone, France Telecom and Telefonica are all in talks with Germany’s Deutsche Telekom over buying its T-Mobile unit in the UK.