EVEN though we’re still having some warm sunny days, the sartorial summer is officially over. Its very tempting to get the last few wears of that summery dress while the sun is still shining, but it’s time to move on – summer clothes just don’t look right any more. So get them all out of your cupboards and drawers, wash and press them or send them to the cleaners. Is there anything you didn’t wear this summer? Ask yourself why. If it’s because it’s “so last season”, send it to the charity shop. If it’s because you just didn’t get the chance – the weather and occasion didn’t match up, then fine, keep it. Worn so much that it has had its day? Then bin it. Or if it is just one of those items that you’ve never worn for one reason or another, then… charity. Phew, that feels good.

Separate out your “holiday clothes” if you’re thinking of going on a winter sun break and put them away separately – that’s your packing done. With the rest, wrap everything in tissue paper, especially your silk and linen items (I’ll let you off individually wrapping T-shirts), place them in a sealed plastic bag or blanket bag with an unscented moth sachet, and put them away out of sight – maybe on the top of your wardrobe, under the bed, or perhaps in the attic.

Now, if you went through this process in the spring, get out all your winter clothes that will be clean and wrapped in tissue so they look brand new, and decide what works for this autumn/winter and what you will need to buy to update it.

You won’t need to go out and spend loads of money on a new set of clothes, and you’ll know exactly what you need which will save time. And you certainly won’t mind spending that little bit extra on quality as this way your things will last, season after season. Sara Hollamby is an image consultant at workingvoices.com.Email her at sarahollamby@ blueyonder.co.uk.