November 2010: Ray Lane, a respected Silicon Valley veteran, is named chairman of Hewlett-Packard.

November 2010: Leo Apotheker is named chief executive of HP after the messy departure of ousted Mark Hurd.

January 2011: Shortly after her failed political campaign, Meg Whitman is added to the board of directors at HP.

June 2011: HP launches a lawsuit against Oracle over a chip dispute.

August 2011: Oracle counter-sues HP for concealing facts during negotiation over the Itanium platform.

August 2011: Apotheker announces a plan to either spin off or sell the personal computer (PC) division of HP and buy British software firm Autonomy for $10bn. Shares drop nearly 50 per cent.

September 2011: Apotheker resigns. Whitman made CEO.

October 2011: Whitman states HP will keep the PC business as splitting it would be costly.

November 2011: Ralph Whitworth, activist investor, is named as another HP board member.