HOLE one is key on any course – not least because it’s vital you get off to a solid start. This is a dogleg right to left, but to clear the bunkers on the left it’s a 295-yard carry, so the safe option is to keep right for a better shot onto the green. It’s by no means easy when you do get to the green, however, as it’s relatively shallow and narrow with a run-off at the back. It’s a tough opening hole, especially with so much at stake.

THE third is a fantastic little par three, 190 yards over water to the green, which is 33 yards deep. Such is its positioning, a lot will depend on the wind. There was a fierce cross wind here during the Wales Open and players were using anything from a 4-iron to a 7-iron to get across. It’s also vital to play it safe – long and right there is a shaven bank which runs off. You would take a par here all day long.

THE course’s signature hole and what a great hole it is. At 490 yards, it’s a long par four, although if they decide to play everyone off the front tee, as they did in the Wales Open, it can take as much as 65 yards off that. With two separate bodies of water to negotiate, notably on the right, accuracy is key – especially if the crosswind picks up – but if you play it sensibly, it’s not too overbearing and is a very scoreable hole.