Thomas Cook matures like a Swiss cheese

WHICH package holiday firm is strong on the outside, has good taste but has holes in it?

According to its own UK chief executive Peter Fankhauser, that was the state of travel agent Thomas Cook’s UK business when he took the helm at the company last year.

Speaking at the Institute of Travel and Tourism conference in Abu Dhabi, Fankhauser made the cheesey analogy:

“Our UK business reminded me a bit of a Swiss cheese, he said.

“It was a strong, easily identifiable brand for people of good taste. But there were many holes.”

However, today it seems that the company resembles more of a solid British cheddar – after shareholders yesterday approved the firm’s previously announced capital reorganisation, it seems the holes are starting to close up as the firm matures.

As the firm’s popular new chief executive Harriet Green said recently: “To be noticed, you have to do the unusual things sometimes.”

The Capitalist couldn’t a-gruyere more.