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Steve Dinneen
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Huawei this week launched the thinnest mobile handset in the world – here are the top ten svelte smartphones

1. Huawei Ascend P6
The new thinnest kid in town is made by Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Already a major player in China, the manufacturer is now pushing into international markets with a range of powerful, sleek handsets.

2. Alcatel One Touch
The Alcatel One Touch Ultra saw its crown as the thinnest smartphone in the world snatched this week by the Huawei Ascend P6. For a mid-range handset, it’s certainly worth a look, although it has had little traction in the UK.

3. Vivo X1
This handset is something of a hidden gem on these shores. The phone has seen almost no publicity outside of Asia, despite being well made and nice to look at. It’s such a rarity you will struggle to find one in the UK.

4. Oppo Finder
Previously billed as the thinnest phone on the market, the Oppo Finder is a handsome beast. It runs Google’s Android software and you’re unlikely to find many other people with one.

5. Huawei Ascend P1
A second handset from the Chinese manufacturer, this was once the thinnest handset in the world. That it is the only manufacturer with two handsets in the top 10 is proof it is a company to watch.

6. ZTE Grand S
The domestic rival to Huawei, ZTE is also a maker of powerful handsets that is threatening to expand into international markets. While not as flashy as its rival, it also produces some solid options, as well as more budget handsets.

7. Apple iPhone 5
One of the most popular handsets in the world, the iPhone 5 is already seen as a classic of modern design. It may not be the thinnest, but it is probably the best looking phone on the list, and one of the most expensive, too.

8. Panasonic Eluga
and 9. HTC One S
Panasonic has floundered in the mobile market but this handset marks something of a return of form. It won’t set the world on fire but neither is it terrible. HTC meanwhile has stalled after blazing a trail in the mid-2000s. the One S is its best option today.

10. Samsung Galaxy S4 7.9mm
Samsung’s success in the mobile market, challenging (and often beating) Apple for the top spot, is largely down to its Galaxy series. The latest is the best Android phone on the market – and that is saying something.