MY, OH my, but our Lord Turner isn&rsquo;t half one to soak up the limelight.<br /><br />Commanding the stage at yesterday&rsquo;s annual public meeting, the FSA&rsquo;s chairman put a sweating, red-faced Hector Sants to shame under the lights as he fielded questions from the floor with panache, authoritatively pointing out the chosen ones like the best of seasoned auctioneers.<br /><br />In fact, such was Turner&rsquo;s dramatic poise that The Capitalist couldn&rsquo;t help but wonder if he had ever done a turn in the theatre. Naturally, his spokespeople remained mute on the subject, but luckily, a little bird at his Scottish public school, Glenalmond College, was more forthcoming.<br /><br />&ldquo;His passion is for opera and he founded the opera society, as well as editing the school newspaper, which received an award from the editor of The Scotsman,&rdquo; she tells me, evidently proud of a star pupil. &ldquo;But there is no mention on records that he was a member of the drama or debating societies at Glenalmond.&rdquo;<br /><br />Must be a natural, then.<br /><br /><strong>BLACK BELT</strong><br />We all know a dose of healthy competition is supposed to be good for the market, but aren&rsquo;t actual fisticuffs taking the whole concept a bit too far?<br /><br />A &ldquo;challenge&rdquo; pops up in my inbox from the lovely Krista Waddell, chief executive of jewellery-for-cash party organiser Ounces to Pounds, who wants to take on arch-rival Jeff Aronson, boss of newly-launched postal gold firm Cash4Gold, to a duel. Literally.<br /><br />&ldquo;He may look big and scary, but I&rsquo;m no match for him,&rdquo; claims Waddell. &ldquo;I&rsquo;ll take him out in 5 seconds flat&hellip;&rdquo;<br /><br />Aronson shouldn&rsquo;t let that cutesy blonde exterior fool him, though: our gutsy lady is actually a black belt in US military close combat Target Focus Training, which is used by the US Navy Seals and FBI Hostage Teams. Are we looking at the new &ldquo;City superwoman&rdquo;?<br /><br /><strong>HOLD YOUR NOSES</strong><br />If you&rsquo;re wondering about a terribly pungent smell wafting this way from the direction of Millennium Bridge, allow The Capitalist to put your mind at rest.<br /><br />I hear new City eaterie High Timber has just introduced the smelliest cheese in the world onto its menu &ndash; and the specimen in question, a Vieux Boulogne semi-soft cow&rsquo;s milk cheese, is so pongy that it actually has to be kept locked in a box.<br /><br />&ldquo;The Vieux Boulogne is an exceptionally tasty cheese but one that&rsquo;s not widely available due to its distinctive, salty taste and strong aroma,&rdquo; owner Neleen Strauss tells me, with a delightful touch of understatement. &ldquo;It really is powerful &ndash; it has to be experienced to be believed&hellip;&rdquo;<br /><br />But despite the intense odour, there&rsquo;s been no shortage of brave souls wanting to try the delicacy &ndash; including one chap who even tried to finish an entire cheese by himself in a fit of misguided bravado.<br /><br />Boys will be boys.<br /><br /><strong>STAR STRUCK</strong><br />The Capitalist came over all starry yesterday after happening upon the filming of a new political movie right on the doorstep. <br /><br />The makers of &ldquo;Special Relationship&rdquo;, directed by &ldquo;The Queen&rdquo;&rsquo;s Peter Morgan &ndash; in which Dennis Quaid stars as ex-US President Bill Clinton and Michael Sheen steps into former PM Tony Blair&rsquo;s well-trodden shoes for the third time &ndash; were lurking around Cannon Street station trying (and failing) to avoid excited Square Milers. <br /><br />Mind you, this sort of thing is becoming almost de rigueur in the City, after a spate of new films have been filmed recently in the area. Just last month, a fledgling film producer announced plans for a new romantic comedy about a couple who meet on the steps of a City office having both been made redundant (a sign of the times if ever there was one).<br /><br />Next thing you know, it&rsquo;ll be Brad and Angelina coming to town.<br /><br /><strong>STERLING STUFF</strong><br />Congratulations to Sterling printers boss Simon Pearson-Miles, who has just returned from a gruelling fundraising climb of the highest mountain in Europe, along with colleague Matt Cope, Rothschild&rsquo;s Richard Blackwell and Evolution&rsquo;s Simon Edwards. The trio &ndash; who City chums can sponsor at &ndash; apparently got within 40 metres of the summit, only to be beaten back several times because of snow storms and 100mph winds. <br /><br />Still, having reached a height of 6,000m, it&rsquo;s hardly too shabby an effort, especially as &ldquo;PM&rdquo;, as he&rsquo;s known in the City, has had &ldquo;a wheezy fat boy chest infection&rdquo; (his words, not mine), for most of the year.<br /><br />Perhaps all the exercise will help get him back in shape to model the firm&rsquo;s famous personalised pants, which regular readers will remember are emblazoned with Sterling&rsquo;s lion logo and &ldquo;Grrr!&rdquo; across the rear&hellip;