Thai exchange set on fire

PROTESTORS in Thailand have turned Bangkok’s financial district into an inferno after fire engulfed a number of buildings yesterday, including the stock exchange.

Anti-government protestors, otherwise known as “red-shirts”, set up to 27 buildings, including the country’s stock exchange and 16 bank branches, alight after troops stormed a protestor camp forcing them to surrender.

The Thai Stock Exchange, along with the banks, closed yesterday and is expected to remain closed today and tomorrow.

Some investors are understood to have bought Thai shares on the news that the military had broken up the protestor camp that has road blocked parts of central Bangkok for over a month.

The UK has advised against all travel to Bangkok, while the US said it planned to hold talks with Thai officials and diplomats. Up to six people have died in the recent clashes, while more than 70 people have been killed and nearly 2,000 people injured since the protests began in March.