Tesla shares rise despite Model S car recall due to seat defects

City A.M. Reporter
ELECTRIC car maker Tesla Motors will recall 1,228 of its 2013 Model S cars manufactured due to a defect in the mounting bracket of the rear seat.

This is the first recall for the Model S, blemishing a clean public record for the electric sedan that received a rare, near-perfect score from influential Consumer Reports magazine.

The US car maker twice recalled its first model, the two-door Roadster sports car.

In a statement posted on Tesla’s website, chief executive Elon Musk said the Model S defect emerged after the factory made body side alignment changes that weakened the bracket.

A worker at the plant’s assembly line in California noticed the defect and reported it to managers, Tesla told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Tesla shares, which have more than tripled in the past six months, were up 1.25 per cent in late afternoon trading.