Tensions simmer in the Arab World

David Cameron says almost all of Libya’s air defences have been destroyed, allowing the
no-fly zone to be patrolled by Allied forces.

He says the action has prevented a “bloody massacre” in rebel stronghold Benghazi.

A vote saw 77 per cent of Egyptians back pro-democracy amendments to its constitution.

Its stock exchange will reopen tomorrow after a seven week closure. It will be subject to a six month supervision order.

Demonstrators gathered in support of Saudi King Abdullah, diffusing the threat of violence.

The Saudi government is hoping a £57bn handout will help restore order after weeks of simmering tensions.

King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa said a foreign plot to end his reign has failed.

At least 95 people are missing since a
government crackdown. Only 20 have been officially arrested by the security forces.

Hamas fired more than 50 rockets into Israel from Palestinian territory this week.

Israel retaliated with strikes in Gaza, claiming to have hit a smuggling tunnel used by Hamas.

Yemen's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and 12 military commanders defected from the regime.
The threat of violent conflict escalated last night, with the government vowing to use the army to defend against the threat of a coup.