Teenage intern has sights set on rising the ranks of the City

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E are certainly no shortages of age going hand-in-hand with wisdom in the City, or so we are led to believe. However The Capitalist has news of perhaps the youngest worker in the heart of the Square Mile.

Jake McMullen, who is a whipper-snapping 17 years old, has been taken on by the City of London’s post room as an intern this week. Apparently the newest addition to the Guildhall staff already has his sights set on a permanent position. Maybe he can start by converting the recipients of council papers and briefing notes that arrive thick and fast(ish) to the even speedier method of electronic mail.

■ The Capitalist isn’t usually in the business of dishing out fashion advice, however an email arrived from Central Markets broker Andrew Blaylock: “I’ve noticed in previous articles that you have discussed acceptable attire on the trading floor. A trader here, Arjun Bhogul, believes it acceptable to wear a black shirt to work. I am under the impression that only four colours – white, blue, pink and (very occasionally) yellow are acceptable. Please confirm.” The Capitalist deferred to tailor Gieves and Hawkes which informed that the classic fabrics are white and sky blue. However “there is a rising popularity in white collar and contrast body” which apparently is “a bit Gordon Gekko.” When even an infamous (albeit fictional) insider trader’s attire is deemed preferable to a black shirt, you know you’re in trouble.

■ There was no doubt a red face or two in the HR department of law firm Addleshaw Goddard, and probably a couple amongst the firm’s lesser performing trainees. A member of the HR team committed the cardinal sin of “emailing all” after having accidentally attached details of every trainee's individual performance ratings to a more mundane email on seat moves. When quizzed, the firm responded: “A firmwide communication unfortunately also contained, by mistake, private information relating to individual trainees. We are reviewing our processes and have apologised to our trainees.” Let’s hope they are more careful with the private information belonging to clients.