THE everything-is-cheaper-online myth was created by the retail industry so they could charge you more and work less. That said, Google has created a price comparison website for phones that run Android. OK, it’s slow on my handset, but Google Shopper is worth the wait – and you’ll wait even longer to see it on iPhone.

Still, these price comparison websites aren’t perfect, so you need back up sources of information. (for iPhone) is promising. It gives you up-to-date information on all the latest sales and voucher codes that you can print off. Gap, Phase 8, Joules and White Stuff are all offering big discounts on the site. One deal, with, gave a £10 discount, even for goods that cost £10. So you got it free. They slashed £1,000 off designer bags (Prada, Marc Jacobs, Gucci) in a Selfridges sale.

If you’re disciplined, you’ll trawl sites like and print off all the relevant discount voucher codes before you start. Having done that, use to map out your shopping strategy.

Fancy some online collective bargaining? The creators of comparison site have now formed a buying club, Key Noir. By aggregating buyers, they drive down prices, giving you up to 65 per cent discounts. A full makeover at Butterfly Salon in Cornhill was bargained down from £85 to £30 on It’s good for hotel and restaurant deals too, if you’re out and about with an iPhone.

OK, sometimes goods are cheaper online. But buying them is more dangerous. Secure yourself with a Visa card with Dynamic Passcode Authentication – it’s all the rage in digital banking circles, such as

Had a row over the shopping? Use your mobile to apologise. For £1.49 lets you create and send a physical card using the photos on your iPhone, Symbian and Android. My wife sent me one saying, “Ok, did your bum look big in those trousers? You be the judge! See attached photo.” Nick Booth is the editor of