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Scientists at the University of Minnesota have created a model helicopter that can be flown through the power of thought alone. It uses a Brain Computer Interface that connects to the human brain using a special hat. The technology could be put to use helping disabled people control external machinery. It also bodes well for the future of video games.


Sony has released a new tablet to keep the Xperia Z phone company in its stable. The unimaginatively named Xperia Tablet Z is the thinnest tablet in the world at just 6.9mm thick and is a handsome beast. It boasts incredible battery life and is totally waterproof – good news if you’re clumsy. However, the screen lacks the clarity of Samsung’s Android equivalent.


Apple is rumoured to have begun placing orders for longer lead-time components for its iPhone 6, sparking speculation it is preparing for a September launch. A redesign of the current operating system is expected to accompany the new device. IOS has served Apple well, but after six years, the technology giant is keen to freshen up its image. Look out for improvements to iCloud, Siri and Maps.


Samsung has shown off its new Galaxy Tab 3, which, at first glance, looks disappointingly like the previous generations. The most important development is that it will use Intel chips, which could spell trouble for UK-based ARM. Its specs are middling, though (a five megapixel camera? Really? ) and it is likely to be fairly cheap.


The first wave of reviews for Google Glass are now in. Critics were impressed by the comfort and simple, clean design, but many questioned whether a pair of augmented reality glasses could ever catch on. Will it suffer the same cringe-factor as the notorious bluetooth headset? Satirical tumblrs such as “white men wearing Google Glass” suggest it could.