Tech Levels for occupational qualifcations

THE GOVERNMENT will today unveil “Tech Levels” as part of an effort to ensure occupational qualifications meet the standards required by employers.

Exam boards will have to receive public declarations of support from relevant professional bodies and companies in order for their occupational courses to gain Tech Level status.

Only courses with this mark of approval will then be included in educational league tables. It is hoped the move will stop colleges and schools boosting their league table performance by offering lightweight qualifications, as well as encouraging institutions to only teach courses that are suitably rigorous.

As a result 80 per cent of the existing 5,000 vocational qualifications – which cover subjects such as engineering, IT and hospitality – will be removed from league tables.

“These reforms are unashamedly aspirational,” said skills minister Matthew Hancock. “High-quality rigorous vocational education is essential to future prosperity.”