Talk Talk faces Ofcom probe over sales practices

OFCOM said yesterday it was investigating whether fixed telephone line and internet services provider TalkTalk Telecom mis-sold services to customers.

The communications regulator said it had received over 1,000 complaints relating to TalkTalk’s selling practices, the most common of which appeared to have been that customers were either mis-sold the fixed line telephone service or were switched from their provider to TalkTalk without their knowledge or consent.

The complaints also relate to Tiscali UK, which TalkTalk acquired from the Italian internet service provider last year. Ever since TalkTalk has been trying to resolve legacy issues relating to the different types of service contracts offered by the internet firm.

Both companies, which operate under the umbrella of TalkTalk Group, could face a substantial fine the regulator said.

A statement from the company said: “TalkTalk is fully cooperating with Ofcom and will continue to provide all the information it needs to conduct its investigation. We continually review our sales processes and take any potential issues of mis-selling extremely seriously.”

TalkTalk was already the subject of an investigation by Ofcom over billing errors. The firm had been accused of billing customers for services they had not received and Ofcom issued a notification warning it to get its house in order by 2 December. The firm could face a fine equal to 10 per cent of its relevant turnover if it is unable to do so.

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