Taking care of business – one song at a time

GROUPON’S former boss Andrew Mason has reached for the language of music to share business principles with a new generation.

The tech luminary, who managed over 12,000 people when he ran the discount voucher service, found that the callow youngsters he hired hadn’t read the classics of business theory. “‘Business books? Not really our thing,’” was the typical response.”

His answer – turn morsels of management wisdom into catchy tunes. The result is Hardly Workin’, a seven song album recorded in Los Angeles and soon to be available through iTunes.

While we wait to hear if Mason’s motivational business music is singer-songwriter gold or David Brent on a bad day, The Capitalist sees no reason others shouldn’t get in on the act.

Who wouldn’t pay good money (or at least 79p) to hear bosses indulging in a little MBA-inflected karaoke? We look forward to a slew of reworked classics: Back in the Black; 9 to 9, what a way to make a living; or at least a rousing charity cover of Money (That’s What I Want).

If there are any such unlikely – slash downright silly – educational techniques used by your firm, please email thecapitalist@cityam.com. Or tweet your suggestions for songs that could be improved by a dash of business acumen to @cityam #businesssongs.