Swiss police divert train to arrest Davos protesters

ANTI-capitalist rioters overran one of the main train stations in Davos over the weekend, protesting that the World Economic Forum (WEF) was a platform for business and political leaders that “exploit the planet”.

Delegates on their way home from the conference had to go around the crowd as the protesters clashed with riot police armed with both rubber bullet shotguns and handguns.

Despite their enthusiasm, however, the protesters numbered fewer than the 2,500 delegates to the WEF.

Having boarded trains to leave Davos, protestors handed out leaflets saying: “Worldwide heads of state are meeting in Davos in order to celebrate themselves and advance global exploitation and oppression. The trail of destruction stretches over the entire planet.”

One train carrying protesters out of town was diverted and held for nearly an hour as armed police with their faces covered boarded and arrested passengers. They held them in the snow and sub-zero temperatures for searches before taking them to police stations and questioning them over the course of three hours.