Superwoman Horlick sets up film finance firm

BRAMDEAN Asset Management, the investment company run by the City fund manger once dubbed superwoman, Nicola Horlick, will launch a film development company today.

Derby Street Films is seeking £2m from private investors to develop books and potentially television programmes into movies.

Horlick said the company planned to develop 25 films over the next three years, either developing a book into a film from the ground up or investing in an existing script, which needed some more money to reach completion.

Horlick said many producers were concerned about the lack of development finance available. She added Derby Street Films would provide a safe bet for investors, while providing the finance producers wanted, as it didn’t depend on box office success.

She also dispelled any suggestion that she would be financing her husband, journalist Martin Baker’s attempts to turn his book, Meltdown, set at the height of the financial crisis, into a film.

She said: “My husband has been working on a script for his book and has been working with a producer in Hollywood but the timing of the launch of the company and that are purely coincidental and we have nothing to do with it.”