Super Bowl advertisements hit record prices in age of YouTube

ADVERTS at this year’s Super Bowl have hit record prices, with the price of a 30-second advertisement at the event reaching an average of $3.8m (£2.4m).

Companies including Samsung, Budweiser and Coca-Cola have paid US television network CBS around nine per cent more than they did last year for the event, which was broadcast last night.

Following the explosion of video websites and online marketing, adverts for American football’s season finale have become many times more valuable than just a few years ago, with the short video clips likely to be played many times over on the internet, adding additional value.

Technology, food and drink, and car companies are traditional big spenders. Most US car manufacturers are advertising, while BlackBerry is spending heavily to promote its new range of smartphones, which the company launched last week.

The Super Bowl is the US’s most-watched television event, with an average 111m viewers in the last two years.

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