JUST had a weekend away in Rome. As usual I dived into the duty free for a try of all the new perfumes &ndash; of which there are countless for both men and women. All very confusing, and once you have both arms covered, your sense of smell is shot to bits and you can&rsquo;t work out what&rsquo;s nice and what isn&rsquo;t, even if you could remember which one is which.<br /><br />You have to try them though, as they change on your body &ndash; what smells divine on someone else may be vile on you. And try to detect that stale smell that many perfumes end up with &ndash; probably the base ingredient that lingers long after the scent has evaporated. Personally I can&rsquo;t stand it, and many women reek of it.<br /><br />Whatever the scent, everyone has their own idea of what they like. Quite often it&rsquo;s a smell that reminds them of something in their past, perhaps their first ever perfume, or their first date.<br /><br />The Parfum d&rsquo;Artisan has some wonderful perfumes that evoke all sorts of different memories, from a kiss from your mother &ndash; a delicious infusion of rose and violets, to sawdust and toffee &ndash; memories of the circus, perhaps<br /><br />Or if you want something new, refreshing and citrussy, go into Jo Malone and try a few, they&rsquo;re certainly not on the usual list, and I have found the staff in the shops very friendly and helpful. I absolutely love Lime Basil and Mandarin &ndash; one of those perfumes that makes you shimmy with excitement.<br /><br />New scents come and go &ndash; just don&rsquo;t apply your scent for the benefit of everyone else in the office. What you like to spray on all over may not be to everyone else&rsquo;s taste, and when it goes stale in your clothes, it can be positively nasty.<br /><br />Scent should be subtle and pleasurable, for the user and close friends only.<br /><br />Sara Hollamby is an image consultant at workingvoices.com: sarahollamby@blueyonder.co.uk