Summer Is Here, And It's Time To Go For Gadget Broke

A BACHELOR pad is not a bachelor pad without a good dose of dark wood, shiny chrome and unusual electronics. After a long winter of frugality and penny-pinching, if you still have a job then this is the time to splash out on some gizmos to brighten up your home.

Every single man worth his salts loves a good strong espresso, and there’s no better way to make it than with a hand-pull Pavoni machine. Forget pressing a button, using this machine is something that, like all the best things in life, takes practice and skill to get right. But when you do, boy do the results taste good. Your lair would be incomplete without the coolest audio equipment around. These days, super-sleek is out and audiophiles are going weak at the knees for technology with moving parts, like Mystere’s amp, seen to the right. And there’s nowhere better to sit with your coffee and music than a Philippe Starck chair. Recession be damned.

Philippe Starck
Costes chair

Valve amplifier

Espresso maker

Random clock

Coffee Table

Rocker chair