Suits you sir: Multiple dress codes for bank

MUCH has already been said on the Salz review into Barclays’ culture. Asset managers Investec described it as a “pretty turgid read” and an “inappropriate use of trees” while the bank’s own chairman Sir David Walker said it made for “uncomfortable reading”.

However, The Capitalist was particularly intrigued by two of the pages from the 236-page tome – the ones detailing the existence of two separate dress codes for different parts of the firm.

“Barclaycard and the retail bank operate as different businesses – two websites, different call centres with little collaboration, and different dress codes and work environment at Barclays’ Canary Wharf head office” says Salz in the report.

Though Barclays declined to comment on exactly what the differences in office attire might be, The Capitalist consulted City tailor James Sleater of Cad & The Dandy (who ought to know about acceptable workplace attire having worked at BNP Paribas before breaking into fashion) to find out what a trendy banker ought to be rocking up to work in these days:

“The formality of the past is coming to the fore again and people are wearing waistcoats and pleats to stand out,” he advised.

Sounds like Barclaycard’s dress-down everyday policy might be somewhat out of fashion.