Subway heats up fight to toast the pasty tax

SANDWICH chain Subway has launched a campaign to fight the chancellor’s decision to leave a new tax on hot sandwiches even after he scrapped it on pasties and hot pies.

The company, which franchises outlets, thinks the new tax is unfair and will harm its business.

Trevor Haynes, area development manager for Subway UK & Ireland, said: “Franchisees have the full backing of the Subway brand and we’re committed to helping them make their case. It’s time to toast the tax!”

As part of the campaign more than 1,400 Subway franchisees are encouraging people on Twitter and Facebook to sign an e-petition to keep their food VAT free.

Steve Marinker, a Subway spokesperson, said: “We are willing to keep on with the campaign until we get heard by the government.”

Chancellor George Osborne abandoned the pasty tax at the end of last month because, he said, it would be too complex and too costly to introduce. He faced opposition from Greggs, the bakery chain.