Stewart Lee, comedians’ comedian and antidote to Michael McIntyre, is on the road again

Repetition, world-weariness and antagonising his audience. These qualities have made Stewart Lee an icon of anti-populist comedy, a counterbalance to anyone who might appear on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow (so much so Lee said he wanted to perform a word-for-word rendition of one of McIntyre's stadium gigs, the implication being that comparing the two is so inherently ridiculous it could support an entire set’s worth of comedy). It's not for nothing that he's one of the few Brits to have been interviewed on US comedy podcast WTF – his refusal to fit into the cosy mainstream of British comedy is what’s kept him relevant for over twenty years. By Chris Ward.

Stewart Lee is performing at the Soho Theatre 22 - 27 April.